Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week Three

This week we...

Got Sissie her first pair of real shoes...

Went to Sissie's 1 year check up!

Celebrated Sissie's 1st Birthday at Chuck E Cheese...

Sister didn't like Chuck E Cheese so much...

...but the boys liked him!

She did like the cake tho!

Another week... slowly bites the dust.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Burlap, your my only friend!

Now if you were to ever meet me in person, I doubt you would ever guess that I like to craft.

I don't think that my appearance reads how well, a good craft can completely clear my mind... 

(after a long day... this is the real me)

...maybe I am wrong.

I have had so many ups and downs this week. 

This deployment has me feeling like I am bipolar.

It's a funny feeling trying to calm yourself down when there is only one solution and the solution is what has you freaking out in the first place...

I miss my Sailor.

I miss his smell.

I miss his hands.

I miss laughing about anything and everything... with him.

I miss arguing with him.

I miss the way he manages to eat one of everything that we buy as soon as we are home from the grocery store.

I miss how much more dirty laundry we have when he's home.

I miss the toilet paper roll always being empty and the toilet seat always being up.

I miss sports on TV.

I miss beer in the fridge...
... but all I can do is wait. 
I'm tired of waiting.

Today I decided that I needed to clear my mind. 

I needed to treat myself to something that would make me feel better! 

That happened to be Carls Jr. and a trip to JoAnn's for some burlap.

I love burlap.

Burlap makes me happy...

Burlap picks me up when I am down...

Burlap knew just what would perk me up.

Burlap helped me turn this...

Into this...

Burlap, your my only friend!

Of course while making it I...

broke the glass... 
cut my finger... 
was poked more than once by staples...
burnt myself with the glue gun...

... but somehow I do feel better!

Now, does anyone know where I can get a new piece of glass??

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 2

This week we....

Installed Sister's new car seat (by myself, thank you very much)...

Went to a Valentine's party...

Sorted thru the Valentine's loot....

Spent a rainy day watching movies...

Baked cupcakes for Sissies birthday tomorrow...

29 more to go...

Got Function?

Tuesday wasn't a great day...

Wednesday started off rocky too...

I can feel that stress is beginning to get the best of me.

I've decided to take a stand!

My son had an "accident" in our bed Tuesday morning.

He was in my bed.

I immediately flipped out.

It happened on a mattress that I cannot afford to replace.

On a king size comforter I knew would barely, if not at all fit in our washing machine, and that was probably dry clean only.

I used to have "accidents" when I was little, so I know how it feels.

I know it's embarrassing, uncomfortable, and out of your control.

I know how it feels to be yelled at because of it.

So, why would I make my son feel that way??

I shoved the comforter in the washer, despite what the tag said.

I scrubbed as best I could the spot on the mattress and while I did, I thought about some thing I have been hearing a lot about recently....


What was this comforters function??

To protect us from the cold.

To lay with us while we watch movies and read books.

To hold us close while we cuddle.

To be USED!

Accidents happen on the job! 

This comforter and I were aware of what the job entailed, but the rewards were more than the risks...

and the job was filled!

I apologized to my son.

The comforter was cleaned.

The mattress was scrubbed.

A lesson was learned....

and life goes on...

I have a whole new concept in decorating and am in the process of keeping only the things that have a function and are not afraid to get used in my home!

I am hopefully on my way to being a better mother, a better wife, and a better hostess...

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today I felt sad.

Today I missed you more than ever.

Today I felt discouraged.

Today I felt overwhelmed.

Today no one left the house.

Today we are all still wearing pajamas.

Today I fell in love with someone else's home and was inspired by someone else's words.

Today I tried to hang a curtain rod, drilled more than enough holes and got the drill bit stuck in the wall twice.

Today I ordered and ate four slices of pizza.

Today was long.

Today I was ready for tomorrow.

I've Been Featured!!

Imagine how thrilled a little amateur blogger like myself was to receive an email from Beckie at Knock off Decor telling me that my Pottery Barn, Shmottery Shmarn project was going to be featured in an upcoming post!!

The post will go up on 2/17/11 8:00 PM EST!

I am so grateful to be featured on such an amazing blog!! 

Thank you Beckie!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 1

This week we....

Went to a horse rescue.

Sat out in the sun.

Got sister a new car seat.

Played at the park with friends.

One week down, thirty more to go. 

We miss you Sailor!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pottery Barn, Shmottery Shmarn

Terrarium, White, Small


Before the Sailor left, I had been eyeing a grey wooden terrarium at Marshall's. It was $30, and I just couldn't bring myself to spend the extra money while we were spending our last few days and last few dollars with our Sailor. 
I couldn't stop thinking about it tho and I was pretty much stopping in daily to make sure that it was still there. It reminded me almost exactly of the one from Pottery Barn and I knew that with a coat (or five) of white spray paint and a little sand paper it would be identical!!

Well, the Sailor, being the good husband he is (and one that never experiences buyers remorse), went into the store and bought it for me! He helped me to rationalize the purchase by saying that pottery barning it up would be the perfect project to keep my mind busy after he left.

He was right and I am soooo proud of the way it turned out!!



 (please don't let the half painted wall distract you)

I'm still playing around with the arrangement and need to find something to put inside, but I just had to show her off!!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The hard parts over...

We said goodbye last night...

Let the count down commence!