Thursday, February 24, 2011

Burlap, your my only friend!

Now if you were to ever meet me in person, I doubt you would ever guess that I like to craft.

I don't think that my appearance reads how well, a good craft can completely clear my mind... 

(after a long day... this is the real me)

...maybe I am wrong.

I have had so many ups and downs this week. 

This deployment has me feeling like I am bipolar.

It's a funny feeling trying to calm yourself down when there is only one solution and the solution is what has you freaking out in the first place...

I miss my Sailor.

I miss his smell.

I miss his hands.

I miss laughing about anything and everything... with him.

I miss arguing with him.

I miss the way he manages to eat one of everything that we buy as soon as we are home from the grocery store.

I miss how much more dirty laundry we have when he's home.

I miss the toilet paper roll always being empty and the toilet seat always being up.

I miss sports on TV.

I miss beer in the fridge...
... but all I can do is wait. 
I'm tired of waiting.

Today I decided that I needed to clear my mind. 

I needed to treat myself to something that would make me feel better! 

That happened to be Carls Jr. and a trip to JoAnn's for some burlap.

I love burlap.

Burlap makes me happy...

Burlap picks me up when I am down...

Burlap knew just what would perk me up.

Burlap helped me turn this...

Into this...

Burlap, your my only friend!

Of course while making it I...

broke the glass... 
cut my finger... 
was poked more than once by staples...
burnt myself with the glue gun...

... but somehow I do feel better!

Now, does anyone know where I can get a new piece of glass??

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  1. The burlap works really well with frame. Great work.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. i love burlap too! you are adorable and so are your kids.

  3. just lovely. I hope the rest of the days aweigh pass quickly.