Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My new bee eff eff eff's!!

I would like you to meet my two new best friends...

Seriously... these two products are 


I bought the counter cleaner at Walmart because I was out of my Method (from Target) cleaner at home and I try to stick to natural cleaning products (at least in the kitchen-baby steps)... this was all I could find for natural cleaners at Walmart....

I almost didn't get it either because I didn't think I liked the smell...

but OMG I am now obsessed with the smell!! It is the cleanest freshest smell and it is so fragrant (without being over powering) and I swear to you, just wiping your kitchen counters will leave your whole house smelling fresh... upstairs and downstairs!!

I actually get excited to clean my kitchen now!

Not to mention, it is hard to find good cleaners for granite, the Method cleaner I had before actually didn't do a very good job. It would leave a residue that I would have to re-wipe with a granite cleaner... this Meyer's cleaner leaves the granite sparkly and clean!

The Dryel on the go stick was another one that I just happened to grab while trying to find something to remove Blue ICEE splatters from the roof of my car! 

It literally works like magic!!

Anything or Anyone that makes my life easier... is a friend of mine!

I just wanted to also thank my followers/readers.... I know I am not a very faithful poster (which I hope to improve upon), but I can't tell you how much it means to me to read your comments or how excited I feel when I see a new follower!!



  1. that is sooo like me. (about cleaning with good smells) i love to mop now b/c of the swiffer wet jet in the scent of 'open window fresh' i am addicted to the smell! i mop all the time now! esp the entire entry when company is coming! :o)

    great about the walmart cleaner...now ur gonna make me try it! haha

  2. Is this countertop cleaner also safe to use on granite? I hope it’ll not ruin the beautiful color of granite in the long run. It’s good that it has a fragrant smell. You don’t have to worry about spraying disinfectant in your kitchen just to clean out the nasty smell. +Skylar Cox