Monday, April 25, 2011

Military Care Package Idea

I'm long over due for a post and I am far behind on my weekly updates! 

My little man started t-ball and it has kept us pretty busy on top of me finally joining a gym! 

With that said... I wanted to share the last package I sent my Sailor... 

My favorite past time, google, led me to a website with ideas for military care packages. One website suggested themed boxes, which I thought was such a cute idea... so, after my Sailor requested protein powder I decided to go with a "health" theme!

I cut the card in the shape of a dumbbell and it reads... 

"To our dearest Dumbbell,
A little something just for the health of it!
Love Always,
Your Down B & The Mini's"

protein powder
sunflower seeds
gatorade sports bottle
gatorade drink mix
gatorade fuel shots
applesauce to go
5 hour energy shots
misc. power/energy bars
power bar protein bites

I also included the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition...

but didn't want those pretty girls to distract my man from the only pretty girl he needs to be looking at...

Thank you modge podge!

That of course is a picture of a body I haven't seen in a few years... but hopefully this new gym membership will make sure that body is waiting for my Sailor at the pier!

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